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  •   Visit our blog and let us know what you think. Take a look and see whats coming and see what specials are happening.

  •  Like Us. We like you. Take a look and join us for upcoming new lines and catch what to expect next.

  •  Browse to find the best sewing sites.

  • Professional Longarm quilting specializing in fast turn around for overalls. Usually a couple of days. Larger customs take longer because of the thought that has to go into them. Sue uses a Gammill with a Statler Stitcher and can do just about anything you want. She has received numerous awards and quilts for people all over.

  •   A beginners guide to quilting.

  •  Take a look for that finished quilt when you don't have time to make your own or if your looking for a special gift for a wonderful little girl who needs great looking dresses or hair bows

  •   A group listing of independent quilt shops.

  •   AuntBoo's is proud to offer affordable longarm machine quilting. We offer several different designs as well as different binding methods. We will be glad to help with creating your design as well as helping you cherish your memories in tee shirt quilts and photo quilts.

  •  For custom memory quilts made to your specifications which can include photographs and custom machine embroidery.Unique quilting done on Statler Stitcher by Geri.

  •   TrixieLixie - Sewing patterns, dressmaking fabric shop
    Modern and gorgeous quilting and dressmaking fabrics from the UK.




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